Natural Whitening

We all want whiter, brighter teeth.
A beautiful smile is a goal you can achieve in one dental appointment!

The Natural+ Whitening system is a unique and revolutionary tooth whitening product that has only recently been introduced to the Australian market!

As the leaders in dental excellence, Balaclava Dental Care is excited to introduce you to this innovative & superior new system.

What are the most important benefits?

  • Does not dehydrate you teeth during the process !
  • Minimum sensitivity or pain
  • Has a neutral pH, which means it is not acidic and will not harm your tooth enamel!
  • Calcium and fluoride released during the procedure
  • Enamel layer protection as well as reinforcement of dentine
  • Provides immediate and long lasting results (up to eight shades whiter) in 60-90 minutes!
  • 100% safe, ecological, biodegradable

How the In Practice Whitening System works?

A cleansing gel will be applied to your teeth to remove all surface stains, plaque and enhance penetration of the whitening agents into the enamel of your teeth.

Your gums will be shielded then a whitening serum is applied on to your teeth; the serum is then activated and accelerated by a unique LED whitening lamp. The results are immediate therefore and long lasting. Occasionally, with people who suffer from severe discoloration such as tetracycline staining a secondary appointment or a home whitening kit will be advised.

How the At Home Whitening System works?

A home whitening kit is also available for those who would prefer to whiten their teeth in the comfort of their own home. This can take between one to two weeks: The take home kit includes custom-made whitening trays and the whitening gel. Accurate and easy to follow instructions will be given on correct usage of the kit to maximize its effectiveness.

If you would like to know more about the Natural+ Whitening system or to book an appointment, please contact Balaclava Dental Care today on 9527 7278.

Useful Information

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