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A mouth examination is a window to your generalised health. Dental health plays a vital role to examine your overall health. Poor oral hygiene will lead to dental problems like carries, cavities, bad breath or halitosis, gum disease, etc. Oral health acts as a whistle-blower against the infection and diseases that are harboured in your body. Such as fever, cold, cancer, heart disease, diabetes, etc. However, your dental health is more important than you give credit off. If you aim to conserve your dental health, then you need to practice good oral hygiene regularly. Here at Balaclava Dental Care in St. Kilda, patients can rest assured about their dental care as we are here to make your oral health & smile more beautiful.

Teeth Talk with Your Dentist
Dental health is a long-term commitment with your dentist so choose wisely. However, Balaclava Dental Care provides excellent dental care since 1973 depending on your oral condition. Our clinic offers expert and skilled dentists that are well equipped with the latest treatment plans. As every patient has a different oral hygiene and treatment plan. We treat your teeth in the best way possible because you deserve healthy oral hygiene. We skill ourselves with new technologies and provide the best treatment plan to the people of Melbourne.

Balaclava Dental Care Lookout for Your Wide Smile.

The characteristic features of our treatment plan include:

● Root Canal Treatment
● Restorations and Tooth Repair
● Venners and Cosmetic Treatments
● Scaling and polishing
● Stain Removing
● Teeth Whitening
● Crowns and Bridges
● Dental Health Care
● Dental Implants
● Periodontal treatment
● Removable and Fixed Dentures
● Dental Surgery
● Extraction
● Extraction of wisdom teeth
● Oral Cancer

Here, at Balaclava Dental Care we aim to provide you with the best dental treatment in St. Kilda. We firmly believe that dental care is an equal partnership between our patient and our team as it benefits your overall wellbeing. We advise the patient about their dental condition if they have a toothache because of the carries, cavity, infection because of a root stump, etc. Some dental problems may also occur because of the periodontal infection that swells up the gums and make them oedematous. However, we counsel our patients and plan out a detailed treatment plan suitable and affordable to the patients. It is our privilege to provide pain-free treatment to our patients. Our dentists are legally registered with the GDC (General Dental Council). Their practice is governed and monitored by the CQC (Care Quality Commission). Therefore, you are in safe hands rest assured with our professional dental team.


● Highly Qualified and Experienced Dentists.
● Positive Patient Feedback.
● Pain-Free Experience.
● Best dentists in St.Kilda.
● Excellent Smile Makeover.
● Friendly professional service.
● Extraordinary results
● Dental Experts.
● Pain-Free dentistry.

Our dental clinic is one of the safest places as we follow all the protocols and safety measures against the spread of viruses or pathogens. We use proper isolation and sterilisation process for the infection control due to the widespread of the COVID 19 Virus. Perhaps, we enforced additional techniques and rules to keep your visit safe. From the moment of your arrival to your departure from Balaclava Dental Care.