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The right sedation at the right time

Laughing gas or happy gas are common names to a mixture of Nitrous Oxide and oxygen Gases. This unique mixture of gases has many properties that can assist a dentist while performing various dental procedures. It acts as a mild sedative which helps people to reduce their level of anxiety and even overcome their fear dental care.

The gas mixture is administered by a specially trained dentist who uses a medical device which enables him to control the mixture of Nitrous Oxide and oxygen. Once the mixture of gases has been turned on it usually takes just a couple of minutes for the effect to be felt. It is common for people under the effect of Laughing gas to feel tingling in their fingers and toes and pleasant overall sensation. Additional effects of laughing gas include changes in the perception of pain, reduction of gag reflex and even alternation in the concept of time ( 1 hour treatment may feel like 20 minutes). In Balaclava dental Care we found that playing continuous relaxing music further helps patients keep their body and mind relaxed. It is important to note that despite the effect of the gas patients are still in control and are able to feel the surrounding and even reply to the dentist if asked.
Additional advantage of Nitrous Oxide sedation is the ability of the dentist to control the level of sedation: During Long or complex dental procedures the dentist has the ability to decrease or increase the state of sedation based on the specific needs at different stages of the treatment.
This total control further enhances the safety of this sedation approach and widens the spectrum of the possibilities of using Laughing gas sedation.

Since it was first introduced in 1772 Laughing gas has been researched and it’s pharmacological properties evaluated. Under controlled administration it carries a highly safe anti anxiety effect; it is a mild analgesic which generates an euphoric sensation during the administration of the gas. There hasn’t been any recorded cases of people developing an allergic reaction to Nitrous Oxide therefore it is considered a safe option for patients experiencing various systemic diseases to include liver dysfunction, epilepsy, diabetes, heart disease, or even cerebro-vascular disease. Unlike other drug alternatives, patients that utilize laughing gas sedation are not restricted from driving as Nitrous oxide normally clears the bloodstream and lunges within minutes.
Nevertheless, Nitrous Oxide sedation is not recommended for pregnant women as it may induce premature delivery.

Unlike the generic over the counter mouth guards, a custom made mouthguards provides a snug fit and better protection as they are made to suit your individual mouth. Custom made mouthguards are not bound to the “one size need to fit all” formula therefore are made out of a vacuum formed material which is designed for protection and shock absorption.
ADA (Australian Dental Association) and “Standards Australia” organisation do not consider over the counter boil and bite mouthguards as an effective protection. They are poorly fitting and less comfortable to wear as a result greatly lessens their effectiveness and can increase the risk of damage to teeth.

When made by your dentist, a custom made mouthguard is:

  • – Well-fitting
  • – Comfortable
  • – Allows you to speak clearly
  • – Won’t shift or fall out
  • – Won’t restrict your breathing

Don’t wait for injuries to happen; book your appointment now by calling our mouthguard coordinators Lucy or Coralie on 95277278