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Dental whitening is intended to whiten and brighten natural teeth. It will not change the shade of crowns, bridges, dental fillings or artificial restorations.


After having your teeth professionally cleaned, discharge a small drop of whitening gel on the brush head by rotating the base of the pen several times – Counter clock wise. Using the brush; paint a thin layer of the whitening gel onto the front surface of your teeth.

Following gel application maintain a wide smile to keep lips away from the teeth. The whitening gel will be active by your body temperature and may foam slightly.

The whitening gel should remain on your teeth for at least 10 minutes to whiten enamel and actively dissolve any organic stains. After 10 minutes rinse your mouth thoroughly to wash away any gel residue. Do not rinse the tip of the pen with water; simply wipe away the excess gel from the brush tip.


For best results:

Do not to eat or drink for at least 4 hours after treatment. This is to avoid stains of food/ beverage seeping into tooth enamel.

If you experience sensitivity consult your dentist or whitening should be discontinued. Whitening outcome may vary for each individual.



Apply and store at room temperature, store additional unused pens in a refrigerator.   Never allow the pen to become hot and do not leave in direct sunlight.

Ingredients: Glycerin, Carbamide peroxide 36%, Flavouring, Triethanolamine.

Keep out of reach by children.


SUMMER SPECIAL – Terms and conditions

  1. One pen per patient
  2. SMILE STICK can only be given to person over 18 years old
  3. SMILE STICK is only offered to patients immediately following a dental examination (011 or 012) and hygiene appointment ( 114 and 121 or 115 and 121) who completed an online survey of their experience following their dental appointment.
  4. SMILE STICK will be given to the first 100 eligible patients.
  5. SMILE STICK is complimentary therefore can not be exchanged or refunded for credit or cash.
  6. SMILE STICK is a dental whitening product therefore results may vary depending on individual application, physiology and anatomy.
  7. This promotion is time limited and can be terminated without further notice.

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