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The first thing people notice when meeting someone new is their smile. This is why everyone deserves a  happy and healthy smile. However, a majority of people often neglect their oral health and lose one or all permanent teeth as they age. Dental implants are the standard solution that replaces the missing or impoverished teeth with a screw-like device. Made from titanium, it acts as root support and fills the gap. The surgical placed implants into the jawbone function as an artificial tooth root and supports crown, bridges, or dentures. Here are five facts related to dental implant surgery you may not know of:

  • Dental Implants are Cavity Proof

As it is made from titanium and porcelain, they are decay-proof, unlike the natural teeth that are prone to infections and cavities. The implant surgery not only gives you a brand new tooth blending with natural ones but also ensures you don’t have to go through the same trouble again. Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean you stop looking after your natural ones. So, maintain an oral health routine.   

  • They are low-risk surgery

With the advancement in technology, implant designs, bone grafting, and a success rate of implant close to 98%, it is safe to say you can root for dental implant surgery.  They easily integrate into the bone structure and provide great stability. With a higher implant survival rate and lesser risk involved, now you can restore the glory of teeth and give them a complete and healthy look.

  • They are stronger than natural teeth

As dental implants channel their power from the bones instead of the tooth’s roots, they are stronger than natural teeth and can withstand natural pressure. The titanium infused in the jawbone provides stability and strength once it is healed. After surgery, give it a few weeks to heal and adjust and regain your long lost bite strength.

  • Insurance may cover dental implants

Though dental implants are an effective and long-lasting solution to the permanent loss of teeth, the procedure can be expensive. This is why any kind of medical complications that fall under the rest of 2% needs to be covered. Many companies do cover a portion or offer payment plans. Before you go for the treatment, it is important to check with your medical or dental insurance whether they will provide any kind of reimbursement or not.

  • Dental Implant Aftercare is easy

The first 48 hours are important after dental implant surgery. You can expect certain swelling. An ice pack on the cheek will do. Also, it is advisable to rinse your mouth with salt water for any kind of infection. Eat soft foods after surgery. Any kind of fast food or heavy food that may create discomfort should be avoided at any cost. Keep implants, artificial teeth, and gum tissue clean. Avoid tobacco and caffeine products

The success of treatment also rests on the fact, whether best practices for oral hygiene are being maintained or not. In case of implant failure or any medical complications, the implant can be removed and cleaned up, in which case, one can try after three months for the procedure again.

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