Metal-free bonded dentistry
It’s not only beautiful it is strong. By utilizing the latest advances in dental technology we are able to recreate natural looking and beautiful smiles with unparallel durability.
Medicare child dental scheme
Under the new scheme Medicare is offering eligible families a $1000 assistance towards dental care for children aged under 17.
Fast and painlessadvanced oral cancer screening
No longer just a visual review. MICROLUX advanced chemo-illumines oral cancer screening enables us to early detect life threatening conditions.
highest standards of dental treatment
Comprehensive examination and accurate diagnosis
highly qualified and experienced Consulting
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The Dental Team That Cares

Dr Alex Goichman and his team of Dentists and hygienists are focused on providing personalized and professional care because we are the Dental Team That Cares. If you are looking for a dentist and you are in St. Kilda, Caulfield, Brighton, Elwood or anywhere else in Melbourne click here to take a virtual tour in the office of the Dental Team That Cares or Contact one of our dentist.


We are committed to provide a high level of profesonalism in a friendly and caring environment .
Our team of dentists and hygienists are experienced in covering most aspects of your dental needs so if you are in discomfort and require a restoration (filling) or you are in pain and in need of a root canal treatment or even a wisdom tooth removal don’t hesitate and contact the dentists at Balaclava Dental care. In addition to routine dentistry we also provide advanced solutions to include implants and implant based dental restorations.


Balaclava Dental Care has been providing exceptional dental care since 1973.

From the very beginning the team at Balaclava Dental Care was offering the latest treatments and cutting edge technology to the people of Melbourne. Back in the 70’s research into root canal anatomy was translated rapidly to new protocols in root canal treatment and instrumentation. Implementing these protocols enabled the team at Balaclava Dental Care to offer predictable restorations of badly damaged teeth and even to perform dental crowns and bridges.

As the years passed we kept up with the advances in dental technology; weather it was in the field of dental surgery, wisdom teeth removal or modified protocols in kids dental treatment. From the earliest stage our principal dentists realized that only by ongoing training and education can we maintain our high standard of professionalism.

In recent years the world has made a quantum leap in progress and technology: advances in computer science, chemistry, biochemistry and biomedical engineering have changed the medical world as we knew it. These advances are enabling us to perform treatments which would have been considered as science fiction even as early as 20 years ago.

By keeping up with changes we have been able to incorporate technologies such as dental implants as a routine alternative to missing teeth or predictable teeth whitening as part of our cosmetic solutions. Implant supported dentures or fixed non removable restorations are now a cohesive part of our every day dentistry.


We organised easy payment options for you so you can take care of your health without the financial worry.
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